5 Signs That Show Your Man Isn’t Ready To Settle Down

Date 2015-11-21

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4. Lack Of Responsibility

A man who cannot cater for the needs of his girlfriend and people around him strikes one as being irresponsible. Men like these often lack the initiative to do things on their own and when they do, it turns out to be the wrong things. They would rather blow large amount of money away on irrelevant things and get stranded on the major projects of their lives. They have no set priorities and would be quick to jump off the cliff with a new person of interest. The ladies in their lives have a feeling of insecurity due to their recklessness. Men like these could engage a woman for as long as possible and never make plans to marry her. Life is all about fun and adventure to them.

5. Secretive

Some men are weird and secretive. Everything is coded with them. They avoid taking the ladies out to major functions that involves family and friends. They are more or less afraid to be seen in public with these ladies. They avoid the word marriage and make the women feel they are being rushed when the women demand for more. They also try as much as possible to make their family members out of the ladies’ reach and hide under the pretense of being too busy. These signs show a man isn’t ready to settle down.

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