10 Ways for Guys To Protect Their Performance In Bed

8 Ways for Guys To Protect Their Performance In BedAmazing Ways for Guys To Protect Their Performance In Bed. Reading body language is not that difficult. Our body language can often give clues as to what we are really thinking and both guys and girls, consciously and subconsciously, send messages to members of the opposite gender when they are flirting. Some of these signs are common to both genders, like keeping eye contact, but some are unique to just one of the genders. Here are ten of the signs to watch out for, if you want to spot when someone is flirting with you:


1. His chest: Men like to face up to whatever is of interest to them, so watch for which way his chest is pointing, if you want to know if he’s interested in you. If he is, then you will notice that his chest always seems to be pointing toward to you, even if he’s not even talking to you at that particular point in time.

2. Her lips: For the girls, the lips are often the easiest sign to spot. When a girl gets aroused or excited, then her lips will become dry, so watch for the biting or licking of the lips. Licking of the lips is also a way of drawing attention to them and it’s a definite sign that she is flirting.


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