My Honest Advice to Eedris Abdulkareem! – BIMBO OLAITAN [@beanballmedia]

Date 2013-10-28

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Please don’t take this personal or as an insult, Mr. Eedris Abdulkareem. I am a concern music fan who likes you. I am inspired by your recently recordings “I GO WHOOZ” & the new one “MORINGA”.  You’re not my favorite though, but I like your person but has problem with your personality in the face of the public. Discussing with my friends that I have had close relationship or that have really come close to you. I felt bad hearing their views on your personality and your words. It’s sad to hear how humble and nice they said you are but believe me people don’t see you that way.

I don’t know how or where to start from but it’s no doubt that the only controversial Nigerian music star Eedris Abdulkareem, is on comeback spotlight radar with his recent singles.  It has never happened in the history of the Nigerian Music Industry, that an artiste made a comeback after years of silence. Eedris Abdulkareem has always being a self acclaimed last man standing. Looking back at his past troubles and controversies excluding his glorious years plus the dramatic scenario his song “Nigeria Jaga Jaga” caused him. His issue with 50 cent, Nigerian Brewery and the presidency banned on him then.

I have nothing against him but just piece words of advice to you Mr. Abdulkareem.  1st I must confessed I love your never say die spirit. But my major problem with you was your past PR and the way you present yourself.  In all honesty you deserve our applause because all the trouble you had came fighting either for your right or for others. The only ‘But’ has always been your later approach and attitude toward certain things and final conclusion. 

Thinking of it, maybe the people around you are scared to tell you the truth and you end up getting yourself into the bad hands of the public. Your PR then is not a professional I guess, because publicity is not just about controversy alone and bad ones for that matter. For instance, your words on Dbanj and Don Jazzy have become regular gist which people are tired of; even your fans.

Listening to your new single “Moringa” which trended for two days across the social media, I felt happy for you because I can sense an historical comeback. Please it will be in your best interest to do also is your old habit which I feel you have already.

I was at the Felabration 2013 concert and I was fortunate to watch your performance and studied you. I could sense you are humble but your image in the face of the public is not the person you really are.

Your two recent singles “I GO WHOOZ U” & “MORINGA” are classic tracks that fit in with a change to become a great hit.

Though many have issues with your track “I GO WHOOZ U” with the lines against Don Jazzy. I was surprise also until I read the write-up from Gbemi Adesuwa on the issue and I listened to the track again before I understood you were not actually dissing Don Jazzy, how many people do you think will accept you are not?

This new track “MORINGA” is not my kind of music but it’s a good song. You next single and conducts will determine if you can achieve an historical comeback sir.

Please do away with the spirit of ‘I don’t care’ and start showing you do. You can become great and celebrated again.

There is more money in the music business now unlike how it was years back when you championed the game.

Your new track “MORINGA” shows you can be a good brand ambassador but you need to prove you can. No brand wants to be associated with an arrogant individual but a good role model. Over the years you’ve proven to be an individual who can be a good role model but you need to clean the past image people had of you and prove to us you’re worthy.

We know you’ve done a lot for this industry but let your music speak it and not you saying it. Reporters can push words into your mouth, be wise and I know you’re smart.  Also let me qu!ckly say this, it will be nice for you to take hold of the boy called VTEK because the young man has proven to us that he can be part of your re-branding judging from your two songs with him. You can see his awesomeness on PSquare’s recent songs including the “Personally” song which was said to be co-produced alongside Paul Okoye of the Psquare.

A word they said it enough for the wise. Kindly think about all what I have said and take the ones that you felt are truth into use please I am begging you because I can see a future ahead of you if only…

Thanks for your time.

People please I would love to have your own opinion on this also.


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