Beverly Osu Unveils Skincare Products

Date 2022-04-17

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Popularly known for her youthful and glowing skin, Beverly Osu, actor and model, decided to unveil a variety of skincare products to the public. Her skincare, OCB(Obsessive Compulsive Beverly), was officially launched on 31st March 2022 at the maiden edition of the BONA EXPO (Botanical Organic & Natural Africa Expo Pioneer Exposition) with over 20 skincare chemists, skincare brand owners, skincare enthusiasts, and formulators in attendance.

According to her, her clients’ well-being is of utmost priority, and she believes that everyone should be conscious about what they put on their skin. She aims to dominate the skincare industry by taking care of everyone. We believe that this new venture will be at the forefront not just in Nigeria but in Africa and worldwide.

We look forward to this incredible feat in the skincare industry.

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