Rob49 – Phone Ringing (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2022-04-17

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Rob49 unveils the music video for the song, “Phone Ringing”, produced by Marko Lenz, Marshak & Schife. Listen, stream, buy, read the lyrics, mp3 download.

Rob49 Phone Ringing

Rob49 Phone Ringing

Rob49 – Phone Ringing (prod. Marko Lenz, Marshak & Schife)

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He pushin’ fu’ (Hahaha)
Yeah, man

All his shit the same
I still sell ten p’s every day (Yeah)
I still be on the food with all my bitches in the A (All my bitches in the A)
Yeah, I broke the law with Lo, I got that bag, I couldn’t wait (Alright)
To put my niggas, sell two-fifty of that strong, nigga (Yeah)
Who they talkin’ ’bout? I got away with it, and I don’t know (Shit)
Askin’ ’bout 49, they set you straight, they got them golds in (They got them golds in)
Millie got Amiri (Yeah), T Man got a **** (T Man got a-)
I don’t wan’ talk no more on this song, I still be thuggin’, I’m pimpin’ (Yeah)
Feel like my phone tapped, I don’t even wan’ talk to my big brother
(Talk to my big brother)
He gon’ talk in court, but he take too long, he got that stutter with it (Yeah)
Told him I’m gon’ die behind this blood, I ain’t them other niggas (Alright)
He know this shit deeper, still fuckin’ on niggas bitches (Yeah)
Still rockin’ Amiri denim (Yeah)
I’m a schemer (Alright)
Still a demon (Alright)
I’m deceivin’ (I’m deceiving)
[?] good, Cam good, my mama good, Kel good, [?] good, Kacey good
They know I don’t give no fucks
They know I’m gon’ die ’bout Lil Roman if you play with him
They know I be workin’ every day just like a Mexican
They know I’m gon’ fuck her good and kick her out my residence
And I got on Gucci kicks, they know where my [?] is
Pal Angel, Amiri denims, slim fit, T-Shirt
Left his ho around me, feel like finders keepers
They know I’m gon’ die about my blood, that’s my people
And I still be dogging on my hoes ’cause I don’t need ’em
Hold up, my phone ringin’, trap callin’, boom, boom
I just took my chain off, 49 tryna do somethin’
Niggas know my face card, I can get them loads in
Lo’ good, lo’ strong, lo’ gone

Alright, crazy-ass, I wanna talk to niggas
I still be in my project every day still be trippin’
I still be gettin’ them loads in, loads gone for ’em
I still be in my, uh
Yeah, I don’t know ’em

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