Quickteller Barz and Notes: Finding the Melody

Date 2022-05-25

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Barz Finalists


The top six finalists of the Quickteller Barz and Notes Music talent show have again shown the viewers the stuff they are made of! The budding stars serenaded the viewers with their beautiful voices during the third episode of the show.

The third episode kicked off with celebrity producer, Sess, producing a banging beat for the finalists to freestyle on. The top six finalists were joined by a guest talent- Salle, making them a total of seven talents.

Each of them took turns to freestyle to the melody provided by Celebrity Producer, Sess. After some time, they all agreed that the beat was more suited to Annie Daymar’s style of music, however, they were all involved in making the song a success, hence promoting collaboration.

During the recording session, they all gave Annie Daymar the necessary support, including writing the lyrics together, and rehearsing the verses, among other things.

The budding stars, after the recording session, shared their experiences stating that working with Sess had made them more confident with their vocals, and they enjoyed the collaborative style.

On his part, Sess said he was impressed with the outcome of the studio session with the talents and how they made the song happen.  He revealed that they exceeded his expectations and he loved how they worked well together as a team.

If you missed the third episode of the show, rush to YouTube now to watch the captivating Behind the Scene Footage of how Annie’s song was created.


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