Wow! British Man Becomes The First Person To Recover From HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus, commonly known as , is a deadly virus that eventually leads to . Once you have AIDS, your immune system starts to fail little by little, making people more susceptible to developing various types of cancer.


If you have HIV, you only likely have 9 to 11 years to live. What’s more shocking is that many people are unaware that they have HIV, and there is a multitude of individuals who don’t know how to protect themselves from HIV. Likewise, people with HIV are feared and discriminated against because others think they could easily get infected.

But now, it seems that there is hope against HIV. Read on!

A British man has just made history by beating HIV.

It might be hard to believe, but this 44-year-old man just got cured of HIV.

Scientists noted that the HIV virus was legitimately untraceable in his blood.

If the HIV virus cannot be found for a relatively long amount of time, then this will be the first case of a complete HIV .

A group of scientists from five UK universities is doing the best they can.

National Institute for Health Research Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure managing director Mark Samuels said that they are trying to assess the possibility of finally curing HIV.

Mark Samuels said that it’s tough, but the progress has been tremendous so far.

After all, HIV is incredibly hard to beat because it makes human’s T-cells ignore the virus itself and also reproduce it.

Therapies available around the world for HIV patients cannot deal with the dormant T-cells.

In particular, they can only deal with T-cells that are active, so the individual’s body will still produce HIV.

This new, promising therapy has two steps.

First, a vaccine assists the patient’s body in recognizing the cells that have already been infected with HIV. Because of this, the body can start to get rid of them.

The second step involves a drug known as Vorinostat.

This newly formulated drug helps in activating the dormant T-cells in order for the immune system to detect them.

Professor Sarah Fiddler said that the therapy is primarily made to remove every HIV virus.

The consultant physician working at Imperial College London noted that this therapy was designed with the objective of helping the human body get rid of each and every HIV virus.

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