Songs, “Pay Me” & “More” inspire Oxlade’s short film, “Without You”

Oxlade - Without You - Short Film

Nigerian singer, premieres a short film, “” based on His songs, “Pay Me” & “More”.

Oxlade Without You Short Film
Oxlade Without You Short Film

Written by  and , Oxlade releases a short film titled “Without You” based on the songs “Pay Me” and “More” from his most recent “Eclipse” EP, which revolves around a mystical loop of the same thing happening but at different times for different people.

It stars Nzube ‘Zebee’ Ezikeoha, Chioma Okafor, Isaac Egberamen, and Oxlade.

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Oxlade – “Pay Me” [Video]

Oxlade - Pay Me (prod. DJ Coublon)


This is an unusual and twisted love story between two individuals. These individuals exist metaphorically, even though they are fictional characters.

How far are you willing to go for love?

Get the song “PAY ME”, Get the song “MORE”

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