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Watch as Ballot box Snatcher gets the Beating of His Life by Voters iin Akwa Ibom

What a ballot box snatcher looks like

What a ballot box snatcher looks like

There have been several reported cases of election malpractice is Akwa Ibom state, from ballot box snatching to missing electoral materials.

The case of one ballot box snatcher in Ibesiokpo was different, as angry voters descended on him for stealing a ballot box.

It took the intervention of the men of the Nigerian Police Force to rescue him from the hands of the angry mob.

Members of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom are calling for the elections to be cancelled due to gross electoral malpractice.

There have also been reported cases of violence in Rivers State where the house of the commissioner of women affairs was razed by political thugs.


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