Big Boogie – Enough Talking (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-03-17

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Big Boogie drops the music video for song, “Enough Talking,” produced by RealRed & Str8cash. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track, mp3 download.

Big Boogie Enough Talking

Big Boogie Enough Talking

Big Boogie – Enough Talking (prod. RealRed & Str8cash)

31 January 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 CMG

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(Red, that ho so fuckin’ bumpin, bruh)
Glrrrd, (I’m Big Dude)
See I’m Big Dude (Yes sir)
I ain’t no friendly nigga or none of that, nigga (Ha)
I ain’t no people person, nigga, fuck out my face
Haha, ha, ha, ha (Mm-mm, mm-mm)
If you don’t like Big Dude, suck a dick and die, nigga (You heard me, ha, ha)
I’m Big Dude (Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm)
See, I’m that nigga (Ha, ha, ha)
That niggas don’t like, you feel me? (Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm)
Haha, yeah, they can’t walk like me, nigga, smile like me or nothin’, nigga (Ha, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm)
I’d be mad too

See, I’m that nigga (Nigga)
I’m that one that waited on my snap (Ha), didn’t crop no picture (Big Dude)
I’m the one they left for dead but now they like my pictures (Big Dude)
I’m the young nigga they changed it on ’cause I got richer (The jump)
I’m the one that just gon’ speak my mind, but don’t got filter (Fuck ’em)
Bitch, I’m never solo (Solo), bitch, I got my mojo (Mojo)
Maybach permanent door close (Shew)
Every car I got, got horses in it (Ha, ha), but not Polo (Wop)
AP look like snow cones (Ice), dissed me, now he smoked on (Bah)
Track hawk truck my doors gone (Gone), solid bitch, no clothes on (No)
You can’t keep it solid with Big Dude then get your roll on (Mm)
Raya FaceTime daddy everyday, I pick up both phones (My twin)
Draco shoot out fire, barbecue bullets (Hot, hot, hot, hot), burn your nose off
I put that shit on you can’t buy (Ha, ha), you can’t buy ‘less you see Tee (Stylist)
Styling in my jeans, we be slidin’ in them things (Wop, wop)
You can’t pull beside me, you don’t got a red key (Shew)
Supercharge clean (Skrrt, skrrt), widebody bumblebee (Bumble)
My lil’ bitch so cold (Oh, oh), diamonds, fuck her with my rings (Ah)
I’m so fucking high, I see the islands overseas (Bitch)
Jamaican and Beijing (Ha), and Dubai and Philippines (What climate?)
Big Dude, baby, bitch, you know what I mean (Switch it up)
Big Dude name in war (Ha, ha), I came from Russia, Russia (Grrrld)
Choppa bullets touch ’em, ha (Fah, fah), Usher, Usher
Dick her in her guts, I told her, “Hush up, hush up” (Ah, ah)
Walk us through the back, please don’t touch us, touch us (Aw)

Mm, mm, mm, mm-mm-mm-mm
Mm-mm, mm, mm-mm-mm-mm (Ha, ha)
Mm-mm, mm, mm-mm-mm-mm (Ha, ha)
Bitch, I’m Big Dude (Mm-mm)
Yeah (Ha)
Shawty gon’ play with that shit just like that
Nigga, like (Mm-mm, mm, mm-mm-mm-mm), I like how I just did my lyrics and just starting humming on that bitch, you feel me? (Mm)
I’m in my own vibe, nigga, I’m Big Dude (Mm-mm, mm-mm-mm-mm)


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