Big Boogie – Pop Shit (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-04-27

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Big Boogie releases the official music video for the Lil Huncho-produced piece of music titled “Pop Shit.” Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the track.

About Big Boogie

Big Boogie was born and brought up by his parents in Louisiana, United States.As per the sources Big Boogie was born on 4th November 1996. He is 26 years old as on 2022. He belongs to the african american ethnicity. After spending 10 years in Louisiana, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee with his parents.

Big Boogie signed with Yo Gotti’s CMG label back in 2020, an unforgettable move in his career that was mentioned in one of his recent songs “Mind Frame.” “ Signed with CMG they seen some in me mind ya business,” he raps.

Big Boogie – Pop Shit (prod. Lil Huncho)

31 January 2023
1 Song, 2 minutes
℗ 2023 CMG

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I’m Big Dude (Phew, phew, phew, phew)
Rich nigga, let me pop shit (Pop shit)
Pop shit (Pop shit)
Big business, they ain’t stopping shit (Huncho made this, they ain’t stopping shit, glrrrd)

Pop that shit off, what I’m gon’ do (Big Dude)
I can put that shit on how (Ha, ha) I wanna ’cause I want too (Rich)
Squatting in that Track Hawk and my bestfriend out my sunroof (Squat, squat)
Can’t no nigga threaten me, show me somthin’, do what you gon’ do, bitch (Talking ’bout, bitch)
I do what I want to (Really), shirt off for the summer (Naked)
Maybach on forgis (Skrrt, skrrt), look like a bat stuck in a Hummer (Black)
AMG, big booty Benz (Skrrt), seats just like Le Bonner (Slidin’)
Any bitch I look at, I can smile, she’s a goner (Come here)
Choppas, glrrrd, piranha (Piranha)
I do what they wanna (Big Dude)
Fuck her in my sprinter (Uh, uh), she say, “Bae, fuck up my bundles” (Uh)
Rich young nigga (Frrrt), I know they don’t like that to they stomach (CMG)
Sour shit get punish, I’m top five up in the country (Big Dude)
Niggas goofy, really constantly coming like they know me (Know me)
All that rah-rah talking (Rah-rah), yeah, I hear you (Blah-blah), but come show me (Blah-blah)
Statement, fuck your OG (Fuck ’em), homie must don’t know me (Do he?)
Passed a lot of rappers (Shh), they was rapping way before me (Got ‘em)
Diamonds hit like speakers in my ear (Ice, ice), so I can’t hear ’em (Hear ’em)
Can’t fuck with these niggas, allergic (Ha, ha), I can’t be near ’em (Near ’em)
On my private jet talking to KJ ’bout some M’s (Lil’ cuz)
Just bought him a coupe (Skrrt), he deserve it, he one of them (Maserati)
Bought best friend a two door Benz (Skrrt, skrrt), he barely ride on rims (Two door)
Draco makes movie like Camera Gawd or Wikid Films (Glrrrd)
My lil’ bitch say (Ha, ha), “Bae, you gettin’ so fat, go get hit the gym (Gym)
I responded, “I was broke before, I can’t be slim” (Ugh)
Bounce that ass an exit (Ha, ha), I’m Big Dude, not one of them (Roll)
Haters solo in my life, I’m high so I can’t see ’em (No)
Bitch, I’m Big Dude (Bitch, I’m who?)
I got rich rules (I got who?)
I got exes in my DM, like (Aw), “I miss you” (Aw, Poo-Poo)
Beat that pussy (Ha, ha), make her squirt, look what that dick do (Bend it over)
Buy her things and show her off, watch what her skin in (Watch what her skin do)
Drop her off in that Maybach (Skrrt), watch what her friends do (Alright, bae)
Soon as I land and get that bag, look what my dance do (Look what my dick can do)
Pockets bunk bed (Pockets bunk bed), I smoke Runtz lately (I smoke—, shh)
I’m higher than plane oil, I got drunk legs (I got dead legs)
My lil’ bitch from the DC, sexy, got dumb head (She got dumb head)
Caught two opps, one of ’em ran (Haha), still got dumped dead (Glrrrd)
Balloons release they sharing caskets like they bunk beds (Now they family)
I’m fucking my opp’ bitch from the back, I’m praying we bump heads (Ho, come in)
My bitch calling me while I’m performing, bae, my phone dead (Bae, my phone dead)
Why you thinking I’m cheating on you, ho, look, you wrong dead (Second guessing, ha)

Pop shit (Pop shit, ha)
Pop shit (Pop shit, ha)
Pop shit (Bitch, I pop shit, ha)
Pop shit (Big Dude pop shit)
Big Dude, I’m poppin’ shit (Big Dude, I’m poppin’ shit, ha)
Pop shit (Big Dude, I’m poppin’ shit, ha)
Put that gun, you ain’t drop shit (Glrrrd)


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