Big Boogie – Mind Frame (Audio, Lyrics, Video)

Date 2023-04-05

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Musical artist, Big Boogie unveils the music video for the track, “Mind Frame” produced by EJ Grimes. Listen, stream, read the lyrics, buy the song.

Big Boogie Mind Frame

Big Boogie Mind Frame

Big Boogie – Mind Frame (prod. EJ Grimes)

31 January 2023
14 Songs, 40 minutes
℗ 2023 CMG

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Frr, glrrrd (Ha, ha)
Bitch, I’m Big Dude, you hear me?
I just want to vibe out on this bitch the right way, you feel me? (EJ, talk to ’em)
I’m a young boss (Go)
Ha, mm-mm (Boss)
See, I stay in my lane, nigga (Ha)
You hear me? (Boss, ha)
I ain’t friendly no way (Boss)
I treat my life like a e-way, nigga (Boss, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
I’ll never get in nobody lane that’ll make my car stop (Stop, ha)
I’m Big Dude (Ha)
Glrrrd, talk that shit, nigga (Aw, Big Dude)

What’s up, Big Dude (Ha), I’m not friendly, hm
I got Haitians in that Track Hawk (Ha, skrrt) thuggin’ and they gremlins (Glrrrd)
Shinin’ like a diamond (Ice, ice), 2010 didn’t have a penny (Big Dude)
So slumped on the lean (Aw), I think my pillow is my kidney (Slumped)
Pop Out Gang for life (Grrr, grrr), you ain’t blood, stay out my business (Stay out my—)
If I cut you off, it’s fuck you (Ha, skrrt) ’cause you hurt my feelings (Hurt my feelings)
Big Dude, bitch, I’m raw (Ha), I didn’t know loyalty get you blemished (No, no, no)
Niggas don’t be gangster (Ha, bah), they tote guns for they image (Bitch ass)
Maybach with the fuck you on it (Skrrt, skrrt), bitches see me in it (Big Dude)
Scat pack in the shop right now (Skrrt, skrrt), I wrecked it ’cause I spun it (Damn)
40 when I talk, I fly to Geo for my dentist (Forty)
Finna be a millionaire, I know it ’cause I feel it (Big Dude)
Signed with CMG (Ha, ha), they saw somethin’ in me, mind your business (Gotti)
Every chance I get (Frrrt, frrrt), I’m poppin’ shit, that hurt their feelings (Big Dude)
Seem like all the niggas hate Big Dude except the women (Ooh-ooh)
Try me anywhere, I bet my members stand on business (Bah, glrrrd)
Fuck the internet, I don’t respond (Shew, shew), I bet we kill them (Aw)
Stacking every dollar ’cause I’m itching for the ceiling (Celling)
Second mama love me like my first, her name Mrs. Penny (Ooh-ooh, Mrs. Penny)
Rich young nigga solid and I’m loyal from the trenches
Aw, aw (Aw)

Please don’t say you loyal and you blind (Loyal and you blind, ha)
Last bitch broke my heart she took my mind (She left me crying, ha, ha)
Slice me in the back (Shew), she split my spine (She split my spine, ha, ha)
Solid with my pain, I cry inside (I cry inside, ha, ha, ha, ha)
Redrum for life ’cause my people died (Murder-murder-murder, ha)
Solo to my self, I’m thinking’ “Why?” (No, no, no)
Choppa bullets sound, doom, doom, die (Glrrrd, ha)
Think before you diss me, suit and tie (Glrrrd, bah)

40 ball, it’s smiling in water (Ha, ha, ha, ha)
Too excited, I wrecked my Charger (Ha, ha, ha, ha)
Hurt my soul when I lost my father (Ha, ha, ha, ha)
Promise not to die, on my daughter (Ha, ha, ha, ha, free mine)
KJ Huncho pushin’ me harder (Ha)
Lonely walking, shit make me smarter (Ha)
They gon’ die if they got a problem (Ha)
Mm-mm, mm-mm, glrrrd (Ha)

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