MOHBAD (IMOLE): Iconik DJ Movik unveils Tribute MIXTAPE

Date 2023-09-25


Iconic DJ Movik unveils a new mixtape remembering the Late MOHBAD (IMOLE): A Tribute to a Remarkable Artist.

The music industry lost a true gem with the passing of MOHBAD (IMOLE). His incredible talent left an indelible mark on the world of music, and his unique style and catchy beats captured the hearts of fans everywhere. Even in his absence, his music continues to make a significant impact.

MOHBAD was known for pushing boundaries and consistently delivering outstanding music that resonated deeply with his audience. His songs had the power to move people, make them dance, and connect with the emotions he poured into his work.

As we remember MOHBAD, we celebrate his legacy and the lasting impression he left on the music industry. His music lives on, and his spirit shines through every note and lyric. Keep shining, MOHBAD, and thank you for the music that continues to inspire and uplift us.

To honor his memory, DJ Jockey has put together a special music compilation mixtape as a tribute to this remarkable artist. It’s a heartfelt homage to the talent and creativity that MOHBAD brought to the world of music. 🎶🔥

Iconik DJ Movik – Tribute to MohBad

Stream the piece here

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