Smoke DZA – “No Regrets” [Audio, Lyrics, Video]

Smoke DZA - No Regrets (ft. Dom Kennedy) (prod. Harry Fraud)

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Smoke Dza No Regrets
Smoke Dza No Regrets

Smoke DZA has been one the game’s most consistent emcees, having quietly kept up a prolific pace with releases like the recent compilation album R.F.C (Money Is the Motive), Pt. 1. Now, DZA is preparing to release his brand new album The Hustler’s Catalog 2, a sequel to his 2015 project. Ahead of the upcoming drop, DZA has officially come through with “No Regrets,” a link-up that finds him reuniting with Dom Kennedy over a triumphant instrumental.

Taking to an anthemic brass sample, DZA sets it off with a slick opening verse. “I know the hustlers is feeling this,” he spits. “Steak tartar, breaking bread doing business with / hedge fund babies, they invest, took a million risks / brought his wife to the dealer, she did so much botox she talking like a ventriloquist.” Dom Kennedy steps up to offer some closing remarks, letting fly a solid dose of bars for the occasion. “Most these n***as soft and counterfeit,” he laments. “Online poppin’ shit, trying to save a bitch.”

Smoke DZA – No Regrets (ft. Dom Kennedy) (prod. Harry Fraud)


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[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
Don’t give a fuck about your story, [?]
Nigga fresh to death like I just came out up the gala
Instruct my little homies with some work like I’m their parent
[?], put the pussy on a platter, rather
Often, flossing never gets exhausting
Marathoning till I’m all in
[?] from the big city
Is she on my dick really or the [?]
Or the cuban [?]
Making imperative to get with it, really
I know the hustlers [?]
[?] doing business with
[?] babies they invest
Took a [?]
She talking like a ventriloquist
Gotta know what you dealing with
Louis, the 13, shots for the table, baby, we [?]

[Chorus: Smoke DZA]
I don’t know what posses me to buy another chain
I cop another set, I need another [?]
Cartier braces, welcome to lover’s lane
Sprinkle some baguettes, baby, no regrets
Sprinkle some baguettes, baby, no regrets
Uh, sprinkle some baguettes, baby

[Verse 2: DOM KENNEDY]
It’s deeper than rap like [?] told you
They couldn’t pay me enough for what I go through
Like my name is Dominic, spit you all kind of shit
Me, I like the
Nike Air on the back of my Jordan Retro’s
It’s just another day in the hood
Black on black
I’m too bossy, chick, get off me
Who you know
Decades later
And a sports
Your favorite girl
I got the Stussy
Shoutout my brother Nipsey Hussle before I leave

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