Your Old Droog – “Dropout Boogie” (ft. MF DOOM) [Audio]

Your Old Droog - Dropout Boogie (ft. MF DOOM) (prod. Edan)

Musical artiste, unveils “” track featuring the late . The song was produced by . Listen, stream, buy, the song.

Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie
Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie

The late MF DOOM is an irreplaceable figure that is sorely missed throughout the hip-hop community, yet there’s enough unreleased music from him that his presence continues to be felt to this day. Your Old Droog took to social media over the weekend where he announced a collaboration with MF DOOM was arriving this week. Today, he unveiled “Dropout Boogie” ft. DOOM with the song’s production handled by Edan. The song was be released as a limited edition 7-inch vinyl.

“This the first song I ever recorded with DOOM,” Droog said in a statement. “I remember getting the verse back and realizing that I had come full circle. That same night I drove to by my old community college where I used to listen to DOOM heavy back in ’07-’08 and I was in a semi-catatonic state playing that verse back over and over.”

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Your Old Droog – Dropout Boogie (ft. MF DOOM) (prod. Edan)

Quotable Lyrics
Remember classmates, some of them bad apes
Hallway jokes to bathroom gang rapes
Property deface ass bet dice games for mad papes
Windows shatter, just blame the brown dude when the glass breaks
And thank the public school system for providing new landscapes

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